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     CKA Chiang Mai Co., Ltd., is a sub-division of Creative Kingdom Inc., a multinational organisation with facilities in U.S.A., South Africa, U.A.E., Thailand, the Philippines and China.

      The Company was first established in the beautiful Northern Thai city of Chiang Mai in 2004. We occupy over 1680 sq metres of prestige office space on the top floor of Kad Suan Kaew shopping/office complex. The office began as a specialist architectural facility, before expanding production to provide 2D & 3D animation, entertainment services, TV programming and music production.

     You will be familiar with our animated series of ”Chiang Mai Rascals”, ”Trio Bunnies” or our latest project, ”Bubble Warriors”. Our innovative designs may be recognisable to you from CKA's many activities in and around Chiang Mai and Bangkok. From these diverse formats, you will see demonstrated our design teams' ability to create eye catching materials.

     We firmly believe an idea can only become reality if the first step is taken. Our existence is to develop concepts and make them live. CKA has a great team who can breath life into a project, be it animation, design or production.
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     The studio creates not only original animation and film imagery but also all voice, effects and music soundtracks – CKA has its own sound recording studio, Foley and voice-over recording rooms, plus full sound and music post production facilities. The production facility boasts its own 40 seat private viewing cinema, equipped with two 35mm film projectors

     CKA Chiang Mai can also offer magazine production, marketing services and other media production related advice. We welcome the opportunity to help you and your organization in all matters of advertising and entertainment production.

        For more information please contact the CKA Chiang Mai Marketing Department on 053-224-536

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