Thai Eng

     For the film department, the main responsibility is to produce TV programs for sending to those several channels in the TV station. The working process begins from having a meeting to find out the concept and the pattern of the program, the script writing, performers casting, location, property, costume including the shooting record and putting music in the program, editing and Computer graphic to complete the program by the well-selected professional team.  

          Even though the film department is seen as CKA’s freshman, there are lots of projects produced continually. Recently, CKA has collaborated with Tricast Entertainment to produce IE Metropolis to be on-air on Channel 5 on every Saturday at 10.55 am. Other than this, we produced Music Videos and many other works too.

          This is to say, film department has got the most modern devices and technology in the region to support the business progress in entire entertainment in the future. Not only cameras, lights, we also have a shooting studio or what we call “Green Room Studio” in order to be suitable for a shooting way that is abusing Computer graphic for the overlapped background which is what the company has skilled and has been gone across for a long period.

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